The right way to build a custom laminate top….

Today’s blog is an effort to educate our visitors as to the difference between a custom laminate top as opposed to pre-fab tops. There is a very significant difference related to:

1- The integrity and strength of the top and…
2- The durability of any seams.

In the photos below we see what happens when the seam in the deck and the seam in the laminate are the same. This type of seam is bolted together and has built in vulnerability…. Water can seep down into the seam causing it to swell and come apart. Is this what you want?

This kind of top is normally bolted together on the job site leaving a very long and conspicuous seam as seen below:


Below is a beautiful factory built top with beveled edge, however, the long seam here is going to have to be bolted together and that will likely be it’s Achilles heal….

Our custom tops are twice as thick and therefore twice as strong! In the video below we demonstrate just how our custom tops are built… Hope you find this educational…